We enable you to have an empowered interaction with your patients.

We help companies tackle the challenge of designing and developing usable mobile health apps and cognitive tools that are functional, look good, and are sustainable. We believe in the joint forces of engineering and health informatics for robust patient empowered solutions.


This is our process in producing usable health applications, we work with you in every step of the way.



We believe in the forces of design thinking and technology in developing stellar innovations in health

We use the following technologies to make things happen

JustInMind Prototyper for UX/UI Design Wireframing


XCode using Swift Language for Native iOS App Development



Android Studio with Java/Kotlin for Native Android Development


and lastly but not the least AI and Machine Learning



Some of our past work

sutures app.jpg

Mobile Health Apps:

Sutures App – Gamified Gastro-intestinal surgery simulation in 2D bio-mimicked physics engine on android environment.

HEAR App – Gamified Patient-centered App for older adults adjusting to hearing loss. (in development)

MyTrybe Diabetes – Gamified Patient-centered app for diabetic patients managing their disease on-the-go.

Clinical Decision Support System:

InSight AI Therapist App – intelligent DSS built on a manually crafted knowledge DB architecture that is retrieved via an expert system with a conversational mechanism using NLP (messenger) (proprietary technology)

Psypher PTSD Assessment App – a Gamified Psychiatric Assessment for Trauma Identification (PTSD) based on Emotional Stroop Test Logic. (proprietary technology)

Oncoweb Data Portal – a scalable web platform for National Oncology Registry in Morocco, implemented in Hospital of Ben Abdellah Cancer Research Center.  (proprietary technology)

We would also love to collaborate with you in the following fields:

Chronic Disease Management, Medication Management, Telemedicine, Medical Billing, ePrescribing, AI therapy assistants

Got a software project idea for your company? we would love to manifest it for you.