In this new era where digitalization is ruling the world, mobile health apps are no longer a luxury and have become a true necessity. The solutions now used in these apps have changed perspective regarding patients. They are no longer considered a group of people we need to manage but a new target segment that is in  need of health care maintenance, delivery and management.

We are now bringing to you the top 6 healthcare apps that are doing very well in the mhealth world and are patient centered.


DocToDoor – DocToDoor | Home

This telehealth app combines the power of telemedicine with mHealth remote care & management to consult and follow-up with patients over smart phone. It also help patients with chronic diseases monitor their conditions and help them improve outcomes through engagement, interactions, and consistent care.

Sutures – Sutures Disrupting Surgery by Clarity

Sutures is a gastro intestinal surgery simulation aiming to ease the communication of surgery plan to patients, in a playful interactive way. It is designed to be very simple to use to make the surgeries performed easily understood by doctors from different  fields and the patient overtaking the surgery.

Cura Patient – Cura Patient

CURA Patient is an app that provides doctors with care plan management tools that help them engage their patients and optimize care plans.It offers care plans with automated analytics assessment to see patient progress and understand patient encounters.


EASE Applications | HIPAA Compliant Texting

HIPAA compliant texting is a surgery  app made for families to get updates on the condition of their family member during and after surgeries. Clinicians and surgeons provide updates to the families for the sake of assurance and transparency.

7 Cups of Tea

If you are having a problem and going through a challenging time, 7 cups is an app designed for you. It helpps connect you to kind people who are willing to help yo udevelop new skill and solve your problem.


POPS! Diabetes Care

POPS is an app for diabetes patient. It helps them manage their daily challenges by enabling them to test blood glucose throughout the day using a blood glucose meter connected to their smartphone. This app will make the patient’s life way easier and easily manageable


New healthcare apps are popping up everyday and to ensure that there solution are beneficial for all the users, they should respect the following critera:

  • Enable consumers to serve as co-managers of their care
  • Provide levels of autonomy the range of segments in your target audience seek
  • Allow consumers to participate in solution and experience design


Written by Safae MK, 2017

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