Bringing Innovative Solutions to Healthcare

with the power of Artificial Intelligence & Design Thinking

MEDVERSE LAB provides consulting services to healthcare organizations and private companies by empowering them with Artificially Intelligent mHealth and IoT-enabled technologies.

We enable you to have an empowered interaction with your patients.

We help companies tackle the challenge of designing and developing usable mobile health apps and cognitive tools that are functional, look good, and are sustainable. We believe in the joint forces of engineering and health informatics for robust patient empowered solutions.

Benefits of Embracing Mobile Health Solutions to Healthcare

check.png   Remote Healthcare                                   check.png   Cost-effective Health Monitoring

check.png   Usable Patient Portals                              check.png   Integrated Care Coordination

check.png   Real-time Communication                       check.png   Targeted Treatment Plans

check.png   Precise Diagnosis                                       check.png   Timely Crisis Response

Our expertise includes design thinking, lean method, agile deployment, project management, system assessment, process, and workflow design and optimization. Our familiarity with healthcare processes and standards ensures shorter development cycles and quality code delivered both on time and on budget.

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